Director Message

Director Message

Mr. Digvijay Nath Gupta

The glorious meeting point of Health & Prosperity "Ayur Vatika" Winstone Retail Pvt. Ltd.
Welcome you all proud distributors. The word “AYURVEDOAMRITANAM” shows our mission and commitment.

Today our country is fighting with many challenges in which ‘ the absence of pure food items and the presence of contaminated food items’ is also not less than a challenge.

It is also appropriate to say that the country where there is lack of pure food items can not be easily developed. Ayurveda is the symbol of our civilization and our culture, and it is also our responsibility to convey about the merits of Ayurveda to the next generation.

We are feeling the responsibility to that this is the way of prosperity for a normal human being, the one who don’t know what to do, they all are invited to join hands together with the business of Winstone. Today there is a big possibility in wellness industry and you have the power to proliferate this business to the root level at every citizen of India.

We always believe that we have come in this world to a specific place with certain people for a particular purpose.
Some people think that everything is OK but is it true?

Is everything OK seriously? Answer is NO & and a big NO. How can we say that all is well while apprx 80% people are unfit/suffering? Health is the prominent issue. To live healthy life is a big challenge and not possible without ayurveda. Believe , this business will open all the doors of prosperity for you, just keep moving forward.

Discuss about this business with more and more people will make you success, and duplicate this idea with your team. Be the 100% user of this products. Be motivated. Respect your leaders, respect your team, believe and love your business. This habit will make you rich.

Mrs. Vinita Gupta