About Company

About Company


Health is now the eminent part of human life. In the society where people sacrifice almost everything just for Wellness. In this highly competitive situation as a company we have decided to proliferate the awareness about the health even to the rural areas in the country by providing the awareness about ayurveda. There is ample of the reasons to think so. Health is the topic which has now a business with stress of commercialization rather than the standard of the awareness about the real related facts about the workings of human body.

about us

Firstly we have concentrated over the health and ayurveda. In such a situation, where the cost dominates the quality, one can imagine how difficult it is to stand by ethics and promote the standard quality of products.

AYURVATIKA is the brand of Winston Retail Pvt. Ltd. And is the leading ORGANIZATION in this segment to provide the quality of product. The company believes that nobody should compromise with the quality of product. For the healthiest human body we need pure air, pure water and 46 types of Nutrients.

We maintain the highest standards of QUALITY & our products shall meet relevant internal freshness & statutory requirements. We have numerous quality of food supplements, useful personal care and kitchen care products that improve and save the lives of people. We are dedicating & committing to the Indian population by providing safe , effective & affordable quality ayurvedic supplements for their better quality of life & helping them for normal happy and active life.