Grievance Cell

Grievance Cell

Challenges are part of life. Winstone boasts of NO Grievance Record. However should you feel to bring up any matter to the notice of the company, this section is for you. Grievance Cell caters to the grievances of the customers and those of the distributors. If you feel you have been misinformed, misrepresented by anyone, you are requested to file a written complaint in English or Hindi, giving categorically date, time and place, and the nature of the grievance, to enable us to take necessary actions, as per the agreements in force.

The board members sit once in 2 weeks, and take up all relevant matters, and record the proceedings.

The board members of the Grievance Cell have no personal liability and have been assigned to assist aggrieved partners of the company's direct selling operations alone. They represent the company and all decisions arrived at are on the behalf of the company and not their individual capacity.

If you are a customer of another division of the company, you are requested to contact it's respective grievance redress all mechanism.

You may also reach out to customer care and report your matter. All complaints are registered and a request NO is generated. Please remember to write your Request NO and always use the same while follow-up.

" Thanking you for your patronage "

Alternatively use the form below

Grievance Cell PDF Form

Grievance Cell Online Form

Email:- grievance@ayurvatika.com

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